Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fantastic Four # 6

Issue: Fantastic Four # 6
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1962

Brief Summary:

The Fan 4 are on the hunt for signs of Dr. Doom after last issue's dust-up.  But, Dr. Doom is busy setting up an uneasy alliance with Namor by preying on Namor’s hatred of surface dwellers.  Doom gives Namor a powerful magnetic device to put in his belt to defeat the Fan 4.  Namor comes to the Fan 4 at their hideout, where Sue’s crush on the king o’ the seas is ousted in front of the rest of the group.  Namor claims he’s come on a mission of peace, but he himself gets double crossed himself when Doom, from a nearby plane, uses the device in Namor’s belt to lift the entire building up and away into space.  With the situation grim, Thing decides the only proper course of action is to try to beat the snot out of Namor for setting the whole thing in motion.  Namor then rests up in a water storage tank in the building, and then uses the power to leap to Doom’s ship.  Doom tries to kill Namor with electricity, but Namor, like an eel, shoots the charge back it him.  Doom escapes the ship, clinging to a meteor as he is whirled away, never to be heard from again (right).  Namor guides the Fan 4’s building back to its proper place on Earth, and then returns to the sea.


Here we have one of Stan's early nods to what will become the continuity of the Marvel Universe, as the Fan 4 are thinking about Dr. Doom and Namor, who both return in this issue.  Also, we see a few more quick interactions with the average citizen of the MU, many of whom are now starting to believe that the Fantastic Four are real.  One thing worth noting is that the engagement between Reed and Sue that was mentioned in the first issue has not really been discussed much since, and it is likely that it has been dropped.  In this issue we see that Sue has a rather substantial crush on Namor, who she believes is "misunderstood."  This may have been in reaction to Namor's first appearance in Fan 4, where he is portrayed as a villain after lashing out at the people who destroyed his home (perhaps not the most villainous thing in the world).  We now see that there are people who sympathize with his situation.   I'm also intrigued to see if and how they explain Doom's getaway, as when we last see him in this issue he is hurtling into the recesses of space on a meteor to think about what a bad boy he's been.

Quick Thoughts:
  • The infamous unstable molecules of Reed's costumes make their first appearance. I guess Reed took Sue's initial costume idea and ran with it.
  • Stan sure came up with a lot of silly magnetic devices before he finally caved and just invented a character who can control magnetism.
  • Who the hell is funding the Fantastic Four? They sure have a lot of sweet stuff.
  • Torch's flame appears to have a time limit of some sorts at this point.
  • Given his back crossing here, I guess Doom isn't quite the man of his word that Reed portrayed him as last issue.
Favorite Panel:

After showing the earlier cutaway of the Fan 4's base of operations from issue three, I couldn't help but put in this image, which is more detailed, but still has that classy anti-vibration wall on display.

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