Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Incredible Hulk # 2

Issue: The Incredible Hulk # 2
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: July 1962
Brief Summary:

Hulk terrorizes a few folks.  When he returns to Bruce Banner form, he and his pal Rick Jones develop a prison for him where they can cage Bruce when he becomes the Hulk each night.  Toad Men from outer space have other plans, as they identify Bruce Banner as the most brilliant scientific mind on earth (screw you, Reed Richards!), and capture him and Rick.  They want to know how good us earth people are in the sciences, but Bruce refuses to tell them anything.  The Toad Men hurl Rick back to earth, as they have no need of him.   Bruce turns into the Hulk, and puts the hurtin' on the Toad Men.  Back on earth, General Ross orders the Toad Men’s spaceship shot down.  His orders are followed, but Banner emerges from the wreckage.  Ross assumes Banner was trying to attack his country and has him locked up.  The Toad Men escape, and send word to the Mutha ship to attack earth.  The Toad Men reveal their plan to the earth, which is to hurl the moon at it.  Less than ideal for us citizens.  They will relent if the earth surrenders.  Meanwhile, Hulk busts out of his cell (you can’t keep a good giant down) and chases after General Ross.  He finds Betty, the general's daughter, instead, and scampers off with her after another dustup with the army.  Hulk turns back into Banner, and, with pal Rick’s help, decides to use the gamma ray gun on the Toad Men.  The aliens are spun away from earth, Banner and Rick score a begrudging pass out of jail, and then Rick locks Bruce away in his underground cell for nightfall.


This issue has a lot of parallels to the second issue of Fan 4, with an alien race trying to take over.  The Skrulls plans were more devious.  Also, while it seems that turning into the Hulk is a hindrance for Banner, it does save his hide after he's picked up by the aliens.  Bruce has so far accepted Rick Jones as his only ally in this world.  The two don't really know each other well, but are branded together perhaps by the fate of the gamma ray.  It will be interesting to watch how their relationship develops.   Again, the Hulk is another anti-hero. With people doubting the Fan 4, and the Hulk being hunted by the army, heroes in the MU are not the most popular bunch.   However, while the Fan 4 will do much to win over the fair people of New York city, attitudes towards the Hulk have remained relatively consistent since his beginnings. 

Quick Thoughts:

  • The Hulk is green now!
  • Banner has yet to learn that it's just not worth wearing nice clothes...
  • When in doubt, fire your gamma ray gun and hope for the best
Favorite Panel: To you, it may look like the Hulk is shaking off a squad of army men. To me, it looks like shorty got low.

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