Monday, July 12, 2010

Marvel History Post 31: Journey into Mystery # 88

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 88 Writer: Stan Lee/ "L.D." Lieber Artist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: January 1963 Wow, I've been at this for a month already. Time flies... Brief Summary: Loki got banished back to Asgard. From there he uses magic to spy on Thor, and discovers the secret that Thor is Dr. Don Blake, and Blake needs to hold the hammer in order to remain Thor. Inspired, Loki slips back down the rainbow bridge Birfrost from Asgard to Earth. He reveals himself to Don Blake, and demands that he meet him in an hour at a park to battle him. Blake agrees. At the park, Thor throws his hammer at Loki, who has brought Nurse Jane and puts her in danger, forcing Thor to choose between saving her or recovering his hammer. Thor saves Jane, but before he can reach the hammer he returns to Don Blake, and then Loki puts a force field around the hammer. With Blake unable to return to becoming Thor, Loki goes out to spread his mischief. Blake then comes up with an idea. He vows to defeat Loki publicly through the media, and Loki goes to check on the hammer. When he gets there, he sees Thor, with his hammer. Confused, Loki removes the force field, and then learns that the Thor he saw was only a replica, as Don Blake recovers the now free hammer. Loki makes a run for it, but Thor captures him and thus is able to returneth the trickster god to Asgard. Commentary: Again we see Stan Lee bringing villains back into the fold. Also, we see Loki discover Thor's secret identity, and attempt to use it to his advantage. Other than that, this wasn't a particularly noteworthy issue. I want to see some Frost Giants already. Thor does slay a tiger, which I don't think would happen in more modern comics, given all the issues with animal rights. It is interesting to see how the laws of morality sometimes shift in unexpected ways over the decades. Favorite Panel: Loki may make things tougher for innocent bystanders, but he sure makes the artist's jobs a whole lot easier. Next: Strange Tales # 104