Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Marvel History Post 40: The Incredible Hulk # 6

Issue: The Incredible Hulk # 6 Writer: Stan Lee Artist: Steve Ditko Publication Date: March 1963 Brief Summary: Hulk is trying to get back to his cave to change back into Banner, and the army almost spots him before they are all called back to base. Hulk turns back into Banner, only to see - on a tv screen of his - the project he was working on get melted by some alien dude called the Metal Master, who can control metal, and plans to conquer earth. Banner sees Metal Master make quick work of the army folk, and realizes he's got to turn back into the Hulk. He does this, but when he turns, something goes wrong, and he is stuck with Bruce Banner's face. So, he puts on a Hulk mask, and goes to beat up on Metal Master. Metal Master suggests the two join together, but Hulk says he needs no partner. Metal Master then knocks him unconscious. The army catches up to the Hulk. They take off his mask, but find that he has a Hulk looking face underneath the mask at this point. Hulk is captured by the army. Hulk blames Rick Jones for this. However, it's hard to keep the green man down, and he breaks out of his prison by simply banging for a long time on the wall, Shawshank style. He then returns to being Bruce Banner, but is weak, and needs Rick's help. Rick Jones has kept busy and has formed a group called the Teen Brigade, a bunch of young do-gooders, and he has them gather materials that Banner requests to help defeat the Metal Master. He uses the material to construct a gun that the Metal Master cannot control. Metal Master is confused by this, and Hulk takes the opportunity to pound him, and demands Metal Master leave earth, which he does. Hulk explains then to Rick's teen brigade that the gun was actually useless, and just a decoy so he could get close to Metal Master. Hulk gets a pardon from the government for defeating Metal Master. Hulk goes to return into Bruce Banner, but the machine doesn't work, and he's stuck as the Hulk. He gets angry, but after a little while he returns to Banner. Banner then meets up with Betty, and the two express their romantic interest towards each other. Commentary: Well, we have something happen here that we're sure to see a lot of, which is a series get cancelled. Hulk had a good run of six issues, and he'll be appearing in Avengers shortly before returning to his own title. I will admit that the Hulk comics haven't been my favorites of the ones I've read thus far, although it's been more enjoyable than a lot of the Thor stories. Hulk's powers seem even more erratic in this issue, as at one point he is stuck with Banner's head, and then another time the gamma ray he uses to turn into the Hulk does not work for some time. There does not seem to be an indication in this issue that it's the last one, so I suppose Stan didn't know the series was going to get axed when they put this issue to the presses. Quick Thoughts:
  • The Metal Master comes from the planet Astra.
  • Metal Master's powers are reminiscent of someone. Can't quite think of who though...
Favorite Panel: See, General Thunderbolt Ross isn't all bad! Here he is convincing Rick Jones of the values of a fine edumacation. Next: Journey into Mystery # 90