Sunday, July 25, 2010

Marvel History Post 44: Tales to Astonish # 41

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 41 Writer: Stan Lee / Larry Lieber Artist: Don Heck Publication Date: March 1963 Brief Summary: Henry Pym goes to visit a scientist friend, but it turns out he's vanished, as have a number of other scientists. Someone comes over to wash Pym's windows shortly thereafter, and hits him with some sort of paralyzing solution. Meanwhile, the alien warlord Kulla watches this with glee, as he is rounding up earth's scientists to build him a death ray. Pym is taken there and put to work with the other scientists. However, he complains, and is thrown in the dungeon, where he turns into Ant Man. After a few small (get it?) adventures, he realizes that he can tune into the alien insects, and get them to overthrow Kulla. This works, and Kulla is defeated, killed by his own death ray, which the alien insects fire on him. The man who was capturing all the scientists is left with the aliens as penance. The remaining aliens are thankful that Kulla's reign has ended. The scientists are returned to earth, although they're all a little confused at how Ant Man showed up. Commentary: Alright, I had a potential break through on this Ant Man guy. If, when he shrinks, he maintains the strength of a normal man, does that mean that if someone stepped on him, he'd be fine? It'd be like getting stepped on as a full grown person? If this is the case, then some (SOME, mind you) of his ridiculous adventures make a little more sense to me. I started thinking about this when someone tried to step on him this issue. Quick Thoughts:
  • Pym is still rocking a sweet pipe when there's time.
  • Alien insects apparently don't look that different from earth insects. In other words, they're gross.
Favorite Panel: Ant Man catching a ride in an alien's shoe, and makes a comment on alien laundry habits. I'd never even pictured aliens wearing socks, so really, this was mind blowing for me. Next: Fantastic Four # 13