Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Marvel History Post 46: Journey into Mystery # 91

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 91 Writer: Stan Lee / Larry Lieber Artist: Joe Sinnott Publication Date: April 1963 Brief Summary: Thor comes across a bank floating in the sky, and as he returns the building to the surface, the building vanishes, just leaving the people inside. Thor suspects Loki, but his dad confirms that Loki is still a prisoner in Asgard. Going back a few days, Dr. Don Blake and Nurse Jane wander past a man with limited mind reading power. Loki is able to, from Asgard, increase the man's power so that he might be able to defeat Thor. It is this fellow, known as Sandu, who's been causing the floating bank chaos. Sandu begins committing bigger crimes, including stealing a palace for himself, and then making the United Nations building levitate, saying he will kill the people unless they make him ruler of earth. Thor shows up, and gets his ass kicked. Sandu seperates Thor from his hammer, and tries so hard to lift it using his powers that he loses the power Loki gave him, and thus returns to being a normal dude, and also an arrested one. It's back to the drawing board for Loki. Commentary: I feel like there's a certain Wile E. Coyote / Roadrunner aspect to these early Thor stories, with Loki coming up with elaborate schemes to get Thor away from his hammer, and Thor beating him in the end, sometimes inadvertently. The Valkyries and Thor's belt of strength show up in this issue, embellishing the mythology as it exists within the MU. Favorite Panel: And with one villainous act, Sandu gives the Watcher the world's largest piggy bank. Next: Strange Tales # 107