Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Marvel History Post 47: Strange Tales # 107

Issue: Strange Tales # 107 Writer: Stan Lee / Larry Lieber Artist: Dick Ayers Publication Date: April 1963 Brief Summary: Torch is bummed that the rest of the team doesn't take him very seriously, so he decides to make a big play and go beat up Namor to impress them. He has a brief interlude helping out on a ship, and then writes a message in flame over the ocean challenging Namor. A flying fish hurts itself in Torch's flame, and this ticks off Namor. The two fight, and Namor wins the early going, and ties an unconscious Torch to the back of porpoise. When Torch awakes, he's displeased, and he escapes and heads back to fight Namor again. Torch takes the second round, trapping Namor at the bottom of the sea. Namor of course gains strength from the sea, so this is not a winning strategy. Namor rises back to the top of the sea, but Torch is headed away at this point. Namor notes that Torch is a powerful foe, and considers the possibility of one day teaming up with him. Commentary: This issue was mostly just a giant slug fest, but it did feature another Namor appearance. I found it odd that Torch is really the antagonist in this issue. As with other Namor stories we've seen, Namor isn't really a villain. This story painted him in the best light yet, as Torch outright challenges him to the fight. Quick Thoughts:
  • Apparently Namor has the ability to enlarge himself like a Puffer fish.
  • Torch goes Super Nova again in this issue.
Favorite Panel: Take note of this. It's one of those rare moments where Namor actually shows respect for someone other than himself or the ocean. We may not see another one of these until the 70s or so. Next: Tales of Suspense # 40