Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marvel History Post 48: Tales of Suspense # 40

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 40 Writer: Stan Lee / R. Berns Artist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: April 1963 Brief Summary: Tony Stark is a busy man, as a pioneering scientist, a millionaire playboy, and Iron Man. He is on a date at the circus when the cats break loose, so he slips off to become Iron Man. Iron Man gives the cats the experience of an unruly fan at a Phillies game. After handling the cats, Iron Man realizes he needs to change his costume so he doesn't frighten people. He decides to make it gold. Later, he learns that an entire town has been walled off from civilization, so he goes to investigate. He digs under the wall, and the citizens of the town tell him they can't talk to him on order of some fellow named Gargantus, whom they seem to worship. Iron Man sends out a broadcast for Gargantus to face him. Iron Man figures out Gargantus is actually a robot, and tears him apart. The townspeople return to normal, and Iron Man discovers that Gargantus was dropped off by aliens. The aliens beat a hasty retreat, and Iron Man can get back to one of the things he loves best: courting the ladies. Commentary: Not much interesting in Iron Man's second issue. A clear arch-foe has yet to develop for him, but there's time. Stan develops Tony Stark's personality as a bit of playboy, but he does not come across as very arrogant yet. All of Stan's primary characters, other than Thor, are scientists. Reed's a scientist, Pym, Stark, Banner, and even to a lesser extent Peter Parker. While I suppose it is somewhat more believable that a scientist would be able to come up with all of the crazy inventions that these characters develop, I am looking forward to getting a few characters with other professions involved (I'm looking at you, Daredevil!). Quick Thoughts:
  • Stark has to plug his chest into an electrical outlet every day.
  • He also has micro transistors in his costume, quite different from unstable molecules.
Favorite Panel: Ah...yes. Yes. Of course. Right. Next: Tales to Astonish # 42