Monday, April 4, 2011

Marvel History Post 55: Tales of Suspense # 41

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 41 Writer: Stan Lee & Robert Bernstein Artist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: May 1963 Brief Summary: Tony Stark donates 100,000 dollars for a Children's wing at a hospital, and then the next day dresses up as Iron Man and puts on a show for the kids. What a guy! Meanwhile, a man locked in prison named Dr. Strange (hey, wait a second...) uses a device he has built to control Iron Man. He summons Iron Man to the prison. Iron Man frees him. As they are making their escape, Dr. Strange thinks of how he plans to conquer the world, all for the love of his daughter. He then has Iron Man land him somewhere, and escapes. Iron Man awakes with no recollection of the event. Dr. Strange then sets up a base with some like minded evil scientist dudes. He also brings his daughter to the base, although she seems disinterested in his villainy. Strange then threatens the world from his base with a bomb. Iron Man sneaks into the base, but Strange shorts out his suit. It is Strange's daughter who then comes to Iron Man's aid by giving him batteries (obviously). Iron Man is then able to defeat Strange, who forgives his daughter for her betrayal before escaping. Commentary: Iron Man revives his suit at one point with batteries. From a flashlight. So the suit can run off of a duracell? Anyways, the villain of Dr. Strange is interesting in this story in that his motivation is driven primarily by his desire to seek the approval of his daughter. This is different from the motivation we've seen of most villains thus far, which is either working for the reds, domination, or hatred of the superheroes. In some ways this is a predecessor of the relationship between arch X-Men rival Magneto and his children. Favorite Panel: A sad parting shot of a girl who doesn't understand why her father is the way he is. Next: Tales to Astonish # 43