Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Marvel History Post 56: Tales to Astonish # 43

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 43 Writer: Stan Lee / Larry Lieber Artist: Don Heck Publication Date: May 1963 Brief Summary: http://marvel.wikia.com/Tales_to_Astonish_43
Commentary: Ant Man figures out who the bad guy is pretty quickly. I guess he's not a bad detective, but if that's the case, you think he wouldn't always have to "suddenly remember" that he can, you know, grow.
With the Timemaster (a villain who disappears from the Marvel Universe after this issue), Stan is at least trying to vary the motivations of his villains. Unfortunately, though, most of them still seem bent on taking over the world, no matter what their back story is.
However, in this tale, Weems comes to his senses at the end, and even gets Ant Man defending him in court (Murdock won't be available for a few months). Weems gets his old life back, thus closing out his brief story in the Marvel Universe with a happy ending for a former villain. It almost brings a tear to the eye. Dr. Doom, I hope you've been taking notes.
Quick Thoughts:
  • If you invented the ability to make people older or younger, wouldn't one of your first priorities be to, you know, make yourself younger?
  • The dude who fires Weems really really looks like Alfred Pennyworth. Wrong universe, I know. Just sayin'.
Favorite Panel: What, um...what did he...have in mind...um...
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