Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marvel History Post 57: Fantastic Four # 15

Issue: Fantastic Four # 15 Writer: Stan Lee Artist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: June 1963 Brief Summary: Commentary: The Fantastic Four try out alternative careers in this issue, and realize that the only thing they really like doing is being superheroes. Kind of a basic premise, but it touches upon some elements that are seen in other comics, notably Batman. Batman can't be anything else other than Batman. It's not in his nature.
One might say the same of Spider-Man following what happens to Uncle Ben. However, in both instances, an external event happening to a guardian figure forces the hero into the role. What keeps the Fantastic Four intact? Later on, a lot will be made of how the Fantastic Four are a family, and this is what keeps them together. In these earlier stories, while Torch and Invisible Girl are certainly still brother and sister, there is not as much of a familial tie between these characters. Although some of the animosity between members has settled down since the very early issues, I have not yet noticed the group functioning as a family unit.
Oh, and the Thinker, who has thought of everything, did not think of the unexpected. Kind of lame. Hey, at least he wasn't a Red. Quick Thoughts:
  • Another appearance of the Fantastic Four comics magazine within this issue. Still don't know why I'm obsessed with meta.
  • The Thing, for the first time, shows that he cares about Torch when he tells him he'll miss him. Ain't that cute.
Favorite Panel: The ole Yancy Street Gang, up to no good yet again. Thing looks better in a tutu than you'd guess. The flower is a nice touch as well.
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