Thursday, April 7, 2011

Marvel History Post 58: Journey into Mystery # 93

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 93
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: June 1963

Brief Summary:


What was I saying last post about being thankful that the communists weren't involved? Oh well.

We see Thor take sides in a politic battle here, which others have also done in this early Marvel Universe. This practice will decline in later years, with only a few characters having well known political beliefs. Heroes seem to argue over ideology more than democrat vs. republican. Take note of the popular Civil War storyline from a few years past.  

We also get some more hypnosis in this issue, one of Stan's favorite tropes. Hypnosis and commies and Thor. Gotta love it.
The ending of this story is a bit ambiguous. Did Radioactive Man die? Did Thor actually kill him when he sent him back to communist China. I guess time will tell. Time, or this.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Thor is referred to as the protector of democracy. Interesting.
  • We see Thor at work as a doctor again this issue. Sadly, we also see him head into a lab and light up a pipe.
  • Radioactive Man deflects Thor's hammer and lightning bolts with (what else) radioactivity. How does that work?
Favorite Panel: Who needs a hammer when you've got locks like these?
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