Monday, April 11, 2011

Marvel History Post 62: Amazing Spider-Man # 3

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 3 Writer: Stan Lee Artist: Steve Ditko Publication Date: July 1963 Brief Summary: Commentary:
Perhaps it is due to my mistaking his origin with subsequent rewrites, but I thought there was more pathos in the fall of Doc Ock. Here, he basically gets a bump on the noggin and then loses it. Isn't there a dead wife or something in his back story? Am I just pulling the worst ever fan boy move and confusing it with the movie? Probably.
Also, Human Torch makes a cameo in this issue. This led me to tagging it as a Fan Four post as well. At some point I guess I'm going to have to consider this whole tagging thing. For example, I've given Ant Man his own tags, because he's currently in his own book. But I haven't done that for Doom or Namor, both of whom will have their own titles at some point. I guess I'm just throwing them in the Fan 4 realm for the time being? Quick Thoughts:
  • Torch says he's used his power so much that he needs a few days to recharge.
  • Torch also tells a bunch of high school students to stick to their schoolwork. I guess Thing's words about being pounded into a match stick stuck with him.
Favorite Panel:
Spidey gets bitch slapped.
Fantastic Four # 16