Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Marvel History Post 63: Fantastic Four # 16

Issue: Fantastic Four # 16 Writer: Stan Lee Artist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: July 1963 Brief Summary: http://marvel.wikia.com/Fantastic_Four_16 Commentary: More of the integration of characters in each other's books in the mighty Marvel Universe here, as Ant Man meets the Fan 4. There's also a plug for Ant Man's new partner the Wasp, who recently made her first appearance.
And, also in Marvel fashion, the heroes are mistrustful of each other, with Reed thinking Ant Man might be the one who causes his...erm...shrinkage problems.
Also found it interesting that Reed tests out a new cure on the Thing to turn him back into his human form, and Thing does not seem that interested, as his gal pal Alicia Masters loves him as The Thing. Big turnaround from not too long ago.
Quick Thoughts:
  • Stan seems to use the word uncanny a lot. This bodes well, as there's a few uncanny adventurers who will emerge on the scene in a few months.
  • Is that The Human Torch hitting on a princess? This will soon enough become par for the course.
Favorite Panel: Alright, alright, I'll stop choosing ambiguously hilarious panels for a while.
Favorite Quote: "Aww, knock it off, Sue! It was bad enough to have ya moonin' over the Sub-Mariner for months!" Thing, in response to Invisible Girl's swooning over Ant Man.
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