Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Marvel History Post 64: Journey into Mystery # 94

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 94 Writer: Stan Lee / Roger Burns Artist: Joe Sinnott Publication Date: July 1963 Brief Summary: Commentary: When a warhead is on the loose, Thor gets the call. Is he the hero community's biggest hitter in these early days? Come to think of it, has anything changed? I would imagine that Thor is in fact Marvel's biggest consistent hero in terms of handling worldwide threats. The Avengers and all of SHIELD would likely get the call these days, but Thor is probably the dude you want leading the charge.
On an unrelated note, it was exciting to see Thor go and destroy a lot of world famous landmarks in the span of about a few pages. Also, Thor did not really save the day in this one. Odin had to step in and get the job done.
Quick Thoughts:
  • Thor flies so fast at one point that he's practically invisible. This super speed element to his powers, I would imagine, is gone in later years.
  • Those curious can find out how chromosomatic glands (where Loki and Odin both hit Thor this issue) work here.
Favorite Panel: New meaning to the term bringing down the hammer...that's not a funny joke. I apologize.
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