Saturday, April 16, 2011

Marvel History Post 67: Tales of Suspense # 43

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 43 Writer: Stan Lee & Robert Bernstein Artist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: July 1963 Brief Summary: Commentary: I think I prefer the stories where Stan has the hero show the villain the error of their ways. Over the history of the Marvel Universe, there will be many moments where we see someone switch sides in the epic struggle of good vs. evil. While I can't say that Kala has gone good by the end of this issue, Iron Man has at least pacified her by showing her the foolishness of her plan to invade the surface world.
Quick Thoughts:
  • Iron Man's suit is collapsible. It's a lot more believable to hear that Spider-Man's suit is collapsible. Unstable molecules at work again?
  • How does the sunshine make Kala into a hag? That ain't right.
Favorite Panel:
Tony Stark, pimping it up, and stealing a line ("Bub") from a certain Canadian we will see several years down the road.
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