Monday, April 18, 2011

Marvel History Post 69: Fantastic Four # 17

Issue: Fantastic Four # 17 Writer: Stan LeeArtist: Jack Kirby Publication Date: August 1963 Brief Summary: Commentary:
Alicia plays a bigger part in this issue than in recent stories. Doom wonders how she can love a creature such as The Thing. We also get a little bit of pathos in regards to Doom, as he goes into the details of how he dares not expose his actual face to the world. He also admits that he does not understand human beings.
This is a side of Doom that drops out of a lot of more recent Marvel comics. Current writers seem to focus entirely on Doom's brilliance and his arrogance, which is the thing that (heh) "dooms" him in his efforts of world domination. It is infrequent to see Doom admit that he doesn't actually know something.
Quick Thoughts:
  • Ant Man makes a very very brief cameo.
  • A few comic moments, as the Fan 4 has a few mishap in their search for Doom. Stan is keeping his stories relatively light at this point in the MU history.
  • Doom actually isn't trying to take over the world this issue. He just wants a seat in the president's cabinet.
  • There's a brief cameo of JFK in this issue, not long before his assassination. It's perhaps a less well known comic book cameo than the one documented here.
Favorite Panel:
Doom's escape at issues' end. He'll go on to make a few other escapes in his career. Really, if he was as good at licking the Fan 4 as he was at escaping, he probably would have solved the nuisance of Reed a long time ago.
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