Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Marvel History Post 70: Journey into Mystery # 95

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 95
Writer: Stan Lee / R. Burns
Artist: Joe Sinnott
Publication Date: August 1963

Brief Summary: http://marvel.wikia.com/Journey_Into_Mystery_95


It's fun how in the early days of the MU, Stan could just whip up crazy ideas and inventions without having to even remotely explain them. I guess not much has changed, given that you can just give someone a power by making them a mutant, but as if the super indestructible android wasn't enough, Stan puts in a duplicating machine (it's not Xerox) in this issue. He even duplicates Thor, which will hilarious happen again in the Marvel Universe storyline Civil War. History does love repeating itself in the funny books.

Quick Thoughts:
  • The android kind of looks a little bit like a green Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. No, not buying it?
  • For a medical doctor, Don Blake puts out some pretty good inventions.
Favorite Panel:
This panel raises a few good questions. Where the hell was the professor hiding Jane away? What does Thor mean when he says he disposed of the body. Why didn't he just use the door to enter? Journey into Mystery: A Thinking Man's Comic.

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