Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marvel History Post 71: Strange Tales # 111

Issue: Strange Tales # 111
Writer: Stan Lee & H.E. Huntley
Artist: Dick Ayers / Steve Ditko (Ditko on Strange)
Publication Date: August 1963

Brief Summary:


Yes. This is the mofo you've all been waiting for. This is what Stan's been building towards ever since he created the Human Torch. His presence, and the threat he represents, has been hinted at since Torch's humble origins. It's none other than...Asbestos Man!!!
Torch gets beat up in their first encounter, but then remembers that he can just influence the world around him to his advantage in order to defeat Asbestos Man. I can only hope that this signals the end of the Asbestos related adventures of Johnny Storm.

There's also a fun little jaunt with Dr. Strange as he saves his master's life and battles Baron Mordo for the first time.

Favorite Panel:

Respect the net.
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