Friday, April 22, 2011

Marvel History Post 73: Tales to Astonish # 46

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 46 
Writer: Stan Lee / H.E. Huntley 
Artist: Don Heck 
Publication Date: August 1963

Brief Summary:


No, not that Cyclops (although he's coming soon). It's obviously a robot controlled by a superior technological alien race that is fooled into believing that earthlings would be too challenging to conquer due to the mental proficiencies of one man. Stan does love his favorite themes and villain types. I'm predicting Reds next issue. Reds 95%, Egg Head 4%, Mole Man 1%.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Wasp is already acting like a spurned lover, and she and Ant Man aren't even dating yet!
  • Wasp refers to sailing around where Hercules walked. At first it makes her sound kind of dumb, but maybe it's more a premonition.
Favorite Panel: You do that, Pym. You do that.

Favorite Quote: "Ridiculous! Nothing that lives is that big!" - Wasp, future wife of Giant Man
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