Monday, April 25, 2011

Marvel History Post 76: Fantastic Four Annual # 1

Issue: Fantastic Four Annual # 1
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1963

Brief Summary:


Reed spends a lot of time observing the advanced technology of Namor's people. It will be interesting to see if this is referenced again. Additionally, we hear of man's first contact with the people of Atlantis, in the year 1920.

We also hear Namor's origin, the story of his Atlantean mother and human father. It is also referenced here that Namor is the first known mutant (the X-Men are waiting patiently in the wings).

This issue also includes a retelling of the first meeting between Spider-Man and the Fan Four. Depictions of previously rendered incidents will become popular in superhero comics. I am wondering if some of this, later on, is not as a sort of gimme to the artist. After all, I imagine most proper comic book artists would like their change to depict Batman's origin, or the death of Gwe - I'm getting way ahead of myself with that one.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Jack put together a double page splash at the beginning of this one. Haven't seen a whole lot of big images up to this point, but hey, it's an annual.
  • Reed seems to make some sleazy deals, such as the one in this issue of getting the Fan 4 on a free cruise.
  • A scientist uses the term Homo Mermanus to describe Namor's people.
  • Torch is only sixteen.
Favorite Panel: Reed seems a little too much like he's expecting sexy time in this shot.

Favorite Quote:

"You flamin' fig-head!! That door won't keep me out! When I'm thru with ya, there won't be enough left to light a firecracker" - A very irritated Thing to a very naughty Human Torch

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