Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Marvel History Post 77: Fantastic Four # 18

Issue: Fantastic Four # 18
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: September 1963

Brief Summary:



Well, last time we saw the Skrulls, Reed turned them into a bunch of cows. This time, the team traps the Super Skrull in an enormous crater. So, all in all, the Skrulls don't have a lot against Reed and the Fan 4.  This will more or less remain the case until the Secret Invasion storyline waaaaay down the road (and even then, did the Skrulls really have much?)

This issue seemed to end rather abruptly, with the focus at the end being all about the fight. There is not much resolution in terms of what happens with the rest of the Skrulls, but perhaps that's because we'll be seeing them again.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Reed and Sue go on a date.
  • Reed invents a passenger ICBM? That doesn't seem right.
  • The entire Skrull planet is powered by one Cosmic Generator. Right. No wonder the Secret Invasion failed.
  • According to this issue's letters page, it was Steve Ditko's idea to put the tiny symbol with the characters in the corner of the cover.  Go Ditko!
Favorite Panel:

If the Beatles had had an escape mechanism from crowds like this one, they might have had an easier time of things.

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