Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Marvel History Post 78: Journey into Mystery # 96

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 96
Writer: Stan Lee / R. Berns
Artist: Joe Sinnott
Publication Date: September 1963

Brief Summary:


We see Thor have some of the same struggles that Spider-Man is known to have in balancing all of the different aspects of his life. By leaving his medical practice during office hours to go rescue people, Thor is certainly accomplishing the greater good, but he does so at a large personal cost, losing the patients that provide him his livelihood. Thor will fare better in the long run on this front than Spider-Man will.  This is largely due to the fact that he is Thor.

Thor outwits this Merlin villain (not the guy I remember from the stories), and banishes him back to his tomb for another thousand years, presumably to piss off Thor 2963 or something.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Thor can't breathe underwater. Just so you know. Cause we got some folks who can do that.
  • Another brief JFK appearance shortly before his death
  • This series has a great track record for near destructions of famous monuments throughout the world, this time adding the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial to the list.
Favorite Panel:

This seems like an issue Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, should be able to deal with.

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