Friday, April 29, 2011

Marvel History Post 80: Strange Tales # 112

Issue: Strange Tales # 112
Writer: Stan Lee / Joe Carter
Artist: Dick Ayers
Publication Date: September 1963

Brief Summary:


Torch's vanity is on display in the early goings here; this will become a big part of his character as he progresses. He's also a bit of a hot head. Yeah, I said it. I'm not proud.

The Eel, or Living Bomb, or whoever, isn't that villainous. Like a lot of Stan's early villains, his primary interest is in robbery. At one point he even makes a reference to taking action so that citizens will not get hurt. It speaks to how this was a less violent era of entertainment in general.

Quick Thoughts:
  • What is a miniature radioactive atomic pile?
  • Brief cameo from Torch's nemesis the Wizard in this issue (from his cell).
  • Torch absorbs an entire atomic explosion and goes super nova for the first time. Pretty awesome.
  • Thing chokes up when he thinks Torch might be a goner. Kind of cute.

Favorite Panel:

Dude, I think it's supposed to be called Weapon X.


Tales of Suspense # 45