Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marvel History Post 85: Fantastic Four # 19

Issue: Fantastic Four # 19
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: October 1963

Brief Summary:


Reed indicates that the team's first encounter with Dr. Doom (Fantastic Four # 5) took place more than a year ago. Well, you can't blame Stan, as he probably thought Marvel superhero comics were just a fad, but he's starting to put dates where he shouldn't. The way superhero comics seem to work is that the past is eventually squeezed into tighter and tighter time periods. This is due to the characters hardly aging. So, at some point, these events are not going to take a year.

In the "future" Stan shows us here, it is a peaceful and easy going place. Not the typical future Marvel tends to show off, but hey, Days of Future Past is more than a few posts away. The days of the gritty and grim Marvel futures have not yet come upon us.

Apparently, the Sphinx was a creation of Rama Tut and a shell for his time machine. The team speculates that they'll see him again, and Thing even suggests he might be Dr. Doom, having found a way to live for a very long time (He's not).

Quick Thoughts:
  • Thing's fans send him cigars. Not bad.
  • Maybe the team shouldn't choose a blind person to operate a time traveling device. Just a thought, Reed.
  • Thing references Reed's time in the army, recently shown in Sgt. Fury # 3
  • Parts of this story are recounted many publishing years later in the Marvel limited series Rise of Apocalypse, as Rama-Tut plays a key role in that tale
Favorite Panel:

This doesn't look very fun.

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