Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Marvel History Post 91: Amazing Spider-Man # 6

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 6
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: November 1963

Brief Summary:


It's curious how a villain like the Lizard can endure in some capacity to this day, but others disappear quickly. Most of them have the same origin (deranged, misunderstood scientist), so how come some caught on, and others faded into nothing? Is it that Stan (and other writers) simply chose to bring some back time and again? Perhaps it has something to do with how visually striking they appear. Also, I think that Stan spent a lot of time listening to what readers liked, and brought back the villains, heroes, etc. that seemed to resonate with his audience. Still, it's tough to identify what keeps certain characters in continuity and what sends others off into the Marvel abyss.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Random punctuation is used to represent some of Jameson's less than polite dialog
  • Spider-Man has to trick J. Jonah Jameson into paying his way to head off to face the Lizard. A far cry from having one's own Fantasti-car.
Favorite Panel:

Is it me, or does that not seem like a safe way to deposit a kid in a tree?


Fantastic Four # 20