Sunday, May 15, 2011

Marvel History Post 95: Tales of Suspense # 47

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 47
Writer: Stan Lee / Larry Lieber
Artist: Steve Ditko / Don Heck
Publication Date: November 1963
Brief Summary:


Stan is mixing things up a little in terms of the dynamics of the Iron Man cast, as the largest recurring role of a female character (Pepper Potts) is actually the desire (I guess?) of another member of the supporting cast, Happy Hogan. In most of the other series, this would be the object of desire of the leading male. I guess Tony's always been more of a playboy, though.

Quick Thoughts:
  • There's a variation on the Iron Man suit, as Stark builds one out of aluminum to defeat the Melter
Favorite Panel:
When your only play is melting things, and it's not working, you're in rough shape

Favorite Quote: "I've still got the greatest weapon in the world...a human brain!" - Iron Man, thinking to himself


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