Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Marvel History Post 97: The Avengers # 2

Issue: The Avengers # 2
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: November 1963

Brief Summary:



The team is in its early stages, and that means a lot of in-fighting, mostly between the Hulk and everyone else. It seems that Stan loves putting his brutes on the offensive, as Thing was causing much of the same ruckus in the very early issues of Fantastic Four.

Also, how is it that so many of these superheroes have secret identities, and then use these secret identities to be their pretend best friend?  Yeah, Iron Man just hangs out with Tony Stark, and you gotta talk to Don Blake to get in touch with Thor. And yet at no point does Iron Man suspect Don Blake is Thor, and vice versa. Aren't these dudes all super smart scientists? What gives?

Quick Thoughts:

  • Wasp reveals that she thinks Thor is cute in a thought bubble.
  • She also thinks Dr. Don Blake is kind of cute.
  • Wasp mentions that she thinks the space phantom's false human shape is not bad looking.
  • So yeah, point being, Wasp is into men. She doesn't say this in the issue or anything, but...it's pretty clear.
Favorite Panel:

Hulk drops the quit on the rest of the team.


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