Saturday, June 25, 2011

Marvel History Post 102: Journey into Mystery # 99

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 99
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Don Heck
Publication Date: December 1963

Brief Summary:


The subplot of Thor's difficulty in gaining permission to marry Nurse Foster continues.  If Odin wasn't kicking the crap out of Frost Giants in the back up story of every issue, he'd seem like a real jerk.  Of course, he does give Thor a little bit of hope that something might happen down the line if Jane Foster plays her cards right.

In the back up story of tales of days past in Asgard, Odin traps the Surtur in the center of the earth.  Wonder if we'll be seeing him at any point again.  This story also includes the creation myth of the moon, and how Odin set the earth spinning.  We'll have to see if this is referenced again in MU history.

This is also the first two parter we've encountered in Stan's marvel stories.  Instead of just leaving certain subplots lingering, Stan doesn't wrap up the main story, as the villain Hyde is still on the loose at issue's end.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Stan occasionally makes an off hand sexist comment, like in this issue when Nurse Jane Foster faints solely because she is a female.  
  • Stan once again draws on characters and ideas from other works of art, this time referencing the novel Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  
    Favorite Panel:

    I liked how the sound effect was split between the two panels. 


    Strange Tales # 115