Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Marvel History Post 99: X-Men # 2

Issue: X-Men # 2
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: November 1963

Brief Summary:


The Angel gets a welcoming reaction from a group of girls.  Clearly, the X-Men as the poster children for bigotry in the Marvel Universe has not yet set in.

We meet the Vanisher in this issue; while not exactly the star player in the X-Men rogues gallery, Vanisher does resurface from time to time, including a recent stint in X-Force.

We also see the X-Men lose in their first battle with the Vanisher, a reminder that in Stan Lee comics, the heroes have to go through some tough losses before ultimately stopping the bad guys.

Professor X steps in and makes the Vanisher forget who he is. Again we have the question of the morality of this decision being completed ignored. It will be explored in comics several decades later, as I have previously mentioned, in the DC storyline Identity Crisis.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Angel refers to Xavier as Dr. X at one point. We all make mistakes.
  • Angel flirts it up with Jean Grey, likely thinking he has a chance with her. We all make mistakes.
  • The Danger Room is referred to by its proper name.
  • Cyclops' powers are used to melt something; apparently there is a heat associated with the optic blast in its early days?
  • Can anyone explain what the Vanisher's costume actually is?
Favorite Panel:

The X-Men leaping into action.


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