Monday, July 4, 2011

Marvel History Post 106: Amazing Spider-Man # 8

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 8
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: January 1964

Brief Summary:


Peter Parker and Flash Thompson finally get into a fight, and Pete blasts Flash, as you might expect in combat between superhero and imbecile.  

The Living Brain is not Stan's strongest creation, which is likely due to it's complete lack of a personality.  It's hard to rank the Living Brain in the same category as the likes of Dr. Doom and Namor.  The Brain is also not imposing in it's design, like some of the later robotic creations in the MU.

Spider-Man weirdly instigates a fight with Human Torch in the backup story, which seems out of character for Parker.  Indeed, in Spider-Man's interactions with the FF, he seems more haughty and arrogant than he ever does in his solo stories.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Stan includes two stories in this issue, headed in the opposite direction from some of the two-parters we've recently seen.
  • Spidey declares Sue Storm the only good part of the Fan 4, and leaves a web fluid heart for her.

Favorite Panel:

Who said the Spider-Man musical was a bad idea?


Fantastic Four # 22