Thursday, September 29, 2011

Marvel History 135: Tales of Suspense # 52

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 52
Writer: Stan Lee & N. Korok
Artist: Don Heck
Publication Date: 1964

Brief  Summary:

Tales of Suspense 52


Although it's sort of a sidebar on the cover, Black Widow makes her first appearance in this issue.  While I myself realized that most of the characters we've already seen were Stan creations, I thought Black Widow didn't come into play until a little further along in Marvel history. 

Yet she's here in all her glory, albeit with a decidedly less sexy outfit than as per her usual.  She will become one of the primary survivors of the early communist hating villains of the MU. 

Quick Thoughts:
  • Iron Man saves the day at one point by...plugging himself in with an extension cord.  Big plays. 
  • Two Crimson Dynamos bite the dust
Favorite Panel:

While the two of the Dynamos are off getting killed, Black Widow escapes in the beginning of a very successful career. 

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