Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Marvel History Post 110: Tales of Suspense # 49

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 49
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: January 1963

Brief Summary:


Gamma Radiation has a negative effect on the high flying Angel, which turns him evil for a brief period.  Angel will have...other bouts...with being turned evil.  It doesn't take much to shock him back to normal, though, as he cannot morally permit himself to allow Iron Man to die.  

This issue also packs a walloping number of guest stars, as most of the Avengers are shown in a panel or two.  It's likely that this issue was designed to give some additional exposure to the X-Men, who are one of Stan's least popular creations at the time he was actually writing these books.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Jean Grey has to "catch" Angel with her telekinesis in order for it to work.
  • Professor X shows signs of serious doubt in his decision to create a school for mutants after Angel turns to the dark side.
Favorite Panel:

Interesting way for a guy to go out

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