Saturday, September 10, 2011

Marvel History Post 113: Strange Tales # 116

Issue: Strange Tales # 116
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers (first story) Steve Ditko (second story)
Publication Date: January 1963

Brief Summary:


The Puppet Master is getting more clever, this time tugging the heart strings (there's a pun in there, I think, sadly) to cause his mischief.  He is also willing once more to involve his step-daughter in his crimes.  Alicia is the one who catches on to the Pupper Master's trick of pitting Thing against Torch. Again, Stan loves to have his heroes throw down, finding more excuses to get them to fight than their are communist super villains.  

In the back up Dr. Strange story, we got a better sense of the villain Nightmare, who also appeared in the first Strange story.  

Quick Thoughts:

  • Strange lives in Greenwich Village.
  • The police approach Strange to solve a crime.
  • Dormammu is referenced once again in an incantation.

Favorite Panel:

Nightmare should probably have a scarier creature than this little fella batting lead off in his promises to torture Dr. Strange.


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