Sunday, September 11, 2011

Marvel History Post 114: X-Men # 3

Issue: X-Men # 3
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: January 1964

Brief Summary:


Some of the X-Men's personalities are coming more to the forefront, notably Cyclops, and his fear of his power, and losing control of it.  Also, his feelings for Jean Grey are revealed in a thought bubble.  Cyclops and Jean's romance is one of the more famous ones in comicdom, and perhaps even the most complicated, with other lovers, clones, deaths, rebirths, deaths again, children from the future, clones of children from the future (no joke!)...and the list goes on.  None of that was the case back in 1964, though, when Scott Summers just had a crush on Ms. Grey, thus proving times truly are simpler when you're young (unless you're Cable). 

More revelatory than Cyke's affection is Xavier's amorous thoughts towards Jean. Although they are dropped after this issue, this sentiment is picked up way down the line in Marvel history, in the Onslaught (yuck) storyline, which would mark the trending of story lines towards "Xavier really isn't that great a guy." 

There is also some hinting into the other X-Men's personalities, as we see Beast is a bit of a bookworm with an advanced vocabulary, and Angel as a bit of a playboy.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Xavier notes that Cyclops may be the most powerful of his X-Men.
  • There is a reference to Cyclops storing surplus energy through his power.
  • Xavier's powers do not appear to be at full strength, as he needs the Blob close to erase the memory of the X-Men from his mind.
  • Blob's name came from someone delivering sandwiches to Marvel studios, who saw the character and noted that that's what he looked like.

Favorite Panel:

Beats puts his acrobatic skills to use.

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