Monday, September 12, 2011

Marvel History Post 115: Amazing Spider-Man # 9

Issue: Amazing Spider-Man # 9
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Steve Ditko
Publication Date: February 1963

Brief Summary:


This is the first time we see Aunt May sick.  This is a recurring theme in Spider-Man's life, as he will do anything to keep Aunt May (who has been ancient for the last fifty years!) healthy.  

J. Jonah Jameson also continues his usual routine of bashing Spider-Man, this time accusing him of being the same person as Electro.  He has this printed as fact in the Daily Bugle.  This makes me wonder how the Daily Bugle is perceived as a newspaper within the MU.  Is it the New York Times, or more the equivalent of a gossip magazine?  It has to be a trash mag, right?

Of course, Peter doesn't help his cause, turning in conspicuous photos of Spider-Man in order to get money for his aunt.  

Quick Thoughts:

  • The illustrations of Electro's electricity power could use some work.
  • Flash almost reaches out to Peter Parker, but when he gets the cold shoulder in return, it's all hate again. 
  • It appears there's a secret in Betty Brant's past that she chosen not to tell Pete yet.

Favorite Panel:

Peter Park in the lonely rain of the city.  I suppose the "Phooey" exclamation takes some of the gravitas out of this image.


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