Friday, September 16, 2011

Marvel History Post 118: Strange Tales # 117

Issue: Strange Tales # 117
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers (first story), Steve Ditko (second story)
Publication Date: February 1964

Brief Summary:


The Eel returns after getting a pounding from Torch.  He gets out of jail the, uh, hard way, as he has paid his debt to society.  I must say, though, that five issues of Strange Tales doesn't exactly seem like a long sentence. 

Of course, the Eel returns to his old tricks, and Torch has to take him down.

In the back up story, Dr. Strange fights Baron Mordo again.  Strange could use a supporting cast any issue now.  

Quick Thoughts:

  • Torch reads an issue of the Fantastic Four comic.

Favorite Panel:

Dr. Strange pulls the ole mystic switcheroo.  

Favorite Quote: "I'll bet I'm a livin' inspiration to any chicks who are watching!" - The Human Torch.  


Tales of Suspense # 50