Sunday, September 18, 2011

Marvel History Post 120: Tales to Astonish # 52

Issue: Tales to Astonish # 52
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers
Publication Date: February 1964

Brief Summary:


This issue features the Black Knight as the villain, and no, he does not have all of his limbs hacked off.  He is, however, a scientist.  Stan's villains are either scientists who have lost their way, or petty thieves who are lucky and gifted with incredible powers.

Giant Man makes reference to the fact that Wasp surely knows how he feels about her, but I'm not sure how aware Wasp is of anything. 

Quick Thoughts:

  • Giant Man reaches out and grabs several men's guns before they can fire them.  He's got some reach.
  • Tales of the Wasp continues this issue when Wasp tells a story after visiting an orphanage.
Favorite Panel:

More hilarity from Marvel's current number one couple!


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