Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Marvel History Post 122: Avengers # 4

Issue: Avengers # 4
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: March 1963

Brief Summary:



So it turns out that Captain America got frozen in ice some time ago, and then  Namor goes and accidentally breaks said ice, thus reintroducing a marvel legend to the world.  We also get the story of Bucky's death.  And, without any additional fanfare.

There's also a fun appearance by Rick Jones.  People seem to have this conception that there's too much crossover of certain characters in today's comic books, but it doesn't appear this is a new issue.  If you consider how many fewer superhero comics Marvel was putting out at this time, the Human Torch is everywhere!  He's gotten bigger stats (percentage wise) of appearances than modern day Wolverine!

Quick Thoughts:
  • Stan Lee suggests saving this issue.  Wise man, him.
  • Captain America appears emotionally unstable, first thinking that Rick Jones is Bucky, and then deciding that he's more or less close enough to fit the bill
  • Cap's weight is given at "two hundred pounds"
  • How do you explain the legend of Medusa?  Why, it must be an alien!

Favorite Panel:

Cap laments Bucky's death.  Bucky, he's one of those characters that'll NEVER come back from the dead.  Oh wait...

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