Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Marvel History Post 124: Journey into Mystery #102

Issue: Journey into Mystery #102
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: March 1964

The villain Zarrko returns (you missed him, admit it) to plague a weakened Thor, who is still struggling with Odin over the matter of loving a mortal.  Zarrko gets Thor to do his bidding, and apparently an immortal like Thor cannot break an oath, which makes our favorite Norse god's life less than ideal.

Also, Thor's hammer seems to be able to do pretty much everything, even when Thor himself is flying half mast, so to speak.  He's flying through time, he's blowing up machines.  Mjolnir can probably pick winning lottery tickets.

In the backup feature, Thor looks like an idiot when he doesn't realize he's gained the power to pick up Mjolnir, his sole desire.  I hate to start this kind of a count, but Thor: 0, Mjolnir: 1 (Mole Man still 0).

Quick Thoughts:

  • In the twenty third century, a master robot controls the planet.
  • Thor can use his hammer to gather atomic particles to destr- yeah buh wha?
  • The Tales of Asgard back-up stories are made into a permanent feature
Favorite Panel: And just keep the bathroom clean.  That's all I ask, bro. 

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