Thursday, September 22, 2011

Marvel History Post 126: Strange Tales # 118

Issue: Strange Tales # 118
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Dick Ayers & Steve Ditko
Publication Date: March 1964

So, the Wizard, a man of cunning intellect with a penchant for fleeing prison, spends all his time in the prison "workshop," and NO ONE suspects he's probably planning a means of escape?  Not the smartest set of prison guards. 
Fortunately, our man Johnny Storm outdoes them by not identifying that a set of television cameras are fake.  Once again, Johnny's love of the limelight and inattention to detail gets him in trouble.  

A number of these Strange Tales stories have seen increasing focus on not just the Torch, but the rest of the Fan 4.  Torch is still the star of the show, but Reed and the others have started to play a much larger role. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange battles creepy mystic aliens.  Average day for him.

Favorite Panel:

Creepy pic of the Wizard in his moment of triumph over Johnny Storm. 

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