Sunday, October 2, 2011

Marvel History 139: Avengers # 5

Issue: Avengers # 5
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: May 1964

This issue starts off with the Avengers cleaning up the mess Hulk left after the tussle in the last two issues of Fantastic Four.

Rick Jones is like BFF with Captain America, who is still reeling from Bucky's death.  Hulk feels like a jilted lover, of course, and it's hard for anyone to be happy when the Hulk ain't happy.

Also, the Lava Boys are back in town!   The Lava Men try to conquer earth with a thing called the Living Stone.  They fail.  Let me know when they team up with Mole Man.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Hulk's origin gets a recap
  • Thor can wander through lava like it's hot jell-o
  • Thunderbolt Ross, Hulk's nemesis, also reappears. 
Favorite Panel:

Um, yeah.  I don't give a damn about your lava, children.

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