Thursday, October 6, 2011

Marvel History 145: X-Men # 5

Issue: X-Men # 5
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: May 1964

Appearing here for the first time is what will become the cliche plot line of Professor X abandoning his X-Men, and the team having to fend for itself.  Of course, by issues end, the Prof is back and all is well.  Everyone escapes unscathed due to some questionable physics.

Asteroid M is introduced as a home base for Magneto and the Evil Mutants.  Dr. Doom's land of Latveria is one of the only other established enemy bases at this point.  This does little to boost the morale of Magneto's crew, who still suffer from a lot of in-fighting.  Still, Magneto is a powerful presence in these early stories, appearing in three of the first five issues.  

Oh, and Professor X reveals that he hasn't actually lost his powers, but was just testing the X-Men to see how they did without him.  As Shadowcat says later, Professor X is a jerk!  But he does tell the X-Men that their training period is over, and they are officially X-Men.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Beast prefers the identity of Hank McCoy honor student to that of X-Man
  • Again, Cyke's power beam gets weaker with more expenditure over time
  • Cyclops shows off his famous stick-in-the-muddery by scolding Iceman for suggesting they watch a track meet while Professor X lies wounded
Favorite Panel:

Charles Xavier rocks the pipe. 

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