Friday, October 7, 2011

Marvel History 147: Daredevil # 2

Issue: Daredevil # 2
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Joe Orlando
Publication Date: 1964

Jesus, it's only issue two, and they're already recycling other heroes' rogues.  This Daredevil mag is never gonna last.  

On another note, I had to make a decision here about how I wanted to label Electro's appearance.  I could not label it at all, or I could potentially label it under the heading of "Spider-Man," given that Electro first appears in Spidey and is generally considered a Spider-Man villain.  I'm going with no label, as I don't consider Electro a critical component of Spider-Man comics the same way Dr. Doom is of the Fantastic Four.  I also realize there's no way anyone else is remotely interested in how I do this labeling.  Oh well.

Oh, and Daredevil lands a spaceship, commandeers a horse, and swings from a flagpole, all in the space of one page.  They really packed in the action back in the day.  Alas, there's less success on the legal front, as Daredevil loses the Fan Four as clients.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Electro is referred to by Stan as an "arch villain."  Bit of a stretch.
  • Thing shows up for a cameo, and manages to weld a door with his strength.
  • Karen Page, true to form with all female assistants in the Marvel Universe, is in love with her boss.
  • There's a full page image in this issue, one of the few from Marvel's early days.
Favorite Panel:

Daredevil's powers in action

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