Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marvel History 149: Journey into Mystery # 105

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 105
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: June 1964
Brief Summary:


Our pal the Cobra returns, and so does Mr. Hyde, in a sexy super villain team up!  Well, perhaps not sexy.  

Also, of note, Thor' accent doesn't really exist in these early Stan Lee stories.  Clearly something that was added to the character as the years went on that became a central part of his mythos.  

This one ends on a cliffhanger, with a disarmed Thor at the mercy of two foes.

Quick Thoughts:
  • Other people can tap the cane to turn Blake into Thor; Blake doesn't have to do it himself
  • Cobra's hydraulic hoist is able to lift Thor's hammer
  • There is a backup story about Heimdall 
Favorite Quote: "In a way you are fortunate, Giant Man!  Not many of us can carry the girl we love about with us as you do!" - Thor, who means that quite literally

Favorite Panel:

Dr. Don Blake at the mercy of two super villains.

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