Saturday, October 15, 2011

Marvel History 156: Journey into Mystery # 106

Issue: Journey into Mystery # 106
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: July 1964
Brief Summary:


Thor outwits Hyde and Cobra, but in the process, he damages the reputation of his human form, Dr. Don Blake.  It is a very Clark Kent-esque moment, where the alter-ego must play second fiddle to the heroic side.  However, Stan makes it even more extreme, with Blake appearing not only a coward, but one who serves his own purposes.  

Meanwhile, in the backup story, Odin shows his benevolence and wisdom in granting Balder, the gentlest of his warriors, the gift of invisibility.  Why can't he be so reasonable about Thor hooking up with a mortal?

Quick Thoughts:
  • There's a recap on what happened last issue at the beginning of the book.  Marvel won't always be so kind in the coming years.
  • Thor claims never to have despised a foe as much as Mr. Hyde
Favorite Panel:

Yep, that's Cobra, just...climbing into...something...he'll be in jail by issue's end.

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