Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marvel History 159: Tales of Suspense # 55

Issue: Tales of Suspense # 55
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Don Heck
Publication Date: July 1964
Brief Summary:



This issue is an all out brawl between Mandarin and Iron Man, with little time for much outside of the action.  

We do learn a little bit more about the differences in Mandarin's rings, with one of them being noted as a dis-integrator ray.  
Mandarin attempts to use lethal force on Iron Man, but the result is completely ineffectual.  We often see the villains of this era sometimes ready to kill, but there are quite rarely any casualties outside of Fury's war stories.

Also, next issue, the Iron Man stories will be a full 18 pages long.  The other types of Marvel comics continue to be phased out in favor of the men in tights. 

Favorite Panel:

Iron Man, apparently a man of few words at times.

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