Sunday, October 23, 2011

Marvel History 164: Daredevil # 3

Issue: Daredevil # 3
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Joe Orlando
Publication Date: August 1964
Brief Summary:


We meet Daredevil villain the Owl, who has a more interesting back story than most of the other foes we've encountered thus far, being a man who allegedly became rich off of endeavors on Wall Street.  Of course, he made a lot of that money illegally, but hey, he's a super villain, you can't ask too much out of the guy.

So, when its time for his day in court, Owl establishes himself as a player in the crime underground instead.  

Daredevil makes a crime fighting gaffe when he calls a person by their name, thus revealing to Karen and to the bad guys that he knows her. 

Favorite Panel:

That's our pal Daredevil, bouncing his suit around the city like a basketball.  He'll sew together a backpack later this issue.

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