Monday, October 24, 2011

Marvel History 165: Fantastic Four # 29

Issue: Fantastic Four # 29
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Jack Kirby
Publication Date: August 1964
Brief Summary:


The Red Ghost, a villain fought way back when, makes his return, super gorillas and all.  It's good to know that even Stan Lee had a fascination with super monkeys.  One of them has the same powers as Magneto!

Also, the gang meets up with the Watcher again, who takes them on a tour of some of the various oddities he has collected in his years of, uh, watching.  Stan gets to flex some of his far out there sci fi stuff in this brief look, including his very own version of Kandor.

We also take a trip to the blue area of the moon, which will become a popular locale in the Marvel Universe in several future stories.

Quick Thoughts:

  • Rock Hudson, Bela Lugosi,  and Jane Mansfield all get referenced
  • While the Watcher can't meddle in the affairs of others, he can take action to ensure that he has privacy for his, uh, watching.  He's kind of a creeper if you think about it.
  • Thing kisses a lamp post on Yancy Street; maybe there's some hope

Favorite Panel: The team meets the Watcher once more

Favorite Quote: "Hey!! Watch out with that popgun!  My Blue Cross ain't all paid up yet!" - Thing, who makes you wonder just how much health insurance would cost for a superhero

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