Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marvel History 168: Strange Tales # 123

Issue: Strange Tales # 123
Writer: Stan Lee
Artist: Carl Burgos
Publication Date: August 1964

Brief Summary:


Thing and Human Torch go on a double date, and wouldn't you know it, some jackass calling himself the Beetle shows up and gets all super villainy right up in their faces.  The Beetle's main goal in life is seemingly to show that he simply cannot be stopped.  Torch and Thing then proceed to stop him.  So, that's a rough first outing for him.  

In the backup story, Loki deceives Dr. Strange into stealing Thor's hammer.  By using a piece of the leather that dangles from the hammer, Dr. Strange is able to magic his way into creating a mystical hand that can move the hammer.  This is one of the biggest plays anyone has made on the hammer thus far.  Of course, Strange realize his mistake in trusting Loki and rights the wrong.  Nevertheless, it's interesting to note the power he seems to have over Thor.

Quick Thoughts:
  • The Fab Four get a reference
  • Artist Carl Burgos was the first person to draw the original Human Torch back in the golden age of Marvel
  • Ditko draws Thor for the first time
Favorite Panel:

Thing on a moped.  Reed has to build something better for him. 

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